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I like to think ‘out of the box’, and try to develop new ideas. I am experienced in developing and creative productions, like video installations and video poetry.


Professional quality

I am graduated at the Film Academy and educated in an allround matter. With that, I have professional equipment.

Allround knowledge and experience

Since my education had a wide focus, I have knowledge in all the aspects of film making. That gives a wide range of experience.

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Meet Elfriede

When I was young, I already started to make videos. I liked to make video clips: the combination of music and image. What draws me especially to this medium, is the full range of creativity you can put in it: there are so many aspects you can play with: image, sounds, rhythm. With video you can make the 'full experience', so different from only text or photo! When I was about 19 years (2006) old, I started at the 'Hogeschool van de Kunsten' in Hilversum, a school that educated me how to make movies. It was a very rich education, in which I got a lot of freedom. I also was taught about all the aspects of filmmaking. From making a concept to editing. Again I experimented a lot with this medium. I made for example video installations and video poetry. 4 years later, I graduated. Now I am still enthusiastic about creating videos. Every video, for me, is another invitation to bring out the best, to find the right tone. I like to work with all kinds of people, from different backgrounds. For me the trick is to make a video suitable for the goal it wants to achieve. I listen to all clients and make something suitable for them. I hope I can make you happy to! Don't hesitate to contact me.